Urvija AI exchange engine allows for unlimited growth. In our experience, we have seen clients generating more than 20% of additional revenue through our data monetization exchange.


Launch quickly with co-investment. Urvija AI begins with its innovation enabler to create your solutions and goes all the way till cash is generated for you. With almost zero opex and capex for the data provider, there is no waiting period or wasting money on setting up fees.

Outstanding Benefits

Firms today grapple with tech talent availability, long developmental lead time with indefinite ROI, and often failed to bring the responsibility of data monetization exclusively at the senior level. Urvija AI solves these and more problems with bringing futuristic technology to create a sustainable impact.

We Create New Markets for You

Urvija AI's agile and iterative development and delivery process are tightly linked with your business strategies. We work with you to deliver the solutions you need through the roll-out of releases with enhancements at enlightening speed.

Client Engagement


Our mission is to help leaders in the commercial, public, and social sectors develop a deeper understanding of the evolution of data and to provide a fact base that that will help in making the right decisions on critical policy and management issues.



Urvija AI forecasts that data monetization can generate 5 - 10% additional revenue depending on maturity and risk appetite of the firm.
We have a three-pronged offering that can help establish yourself as a data monetization leader in the sector.  
1.“Tula”, internal monetization entails establishing the use of data to boost internal productivity. Our most popular features are Branch Effectiveness and Increase GMV.
2.“Prayas”, external monetization to establish new sources of income using features like Brand Effectiveness and Credit Scoring.
3.“Achal”, collaborating to link data between eco-systems like retail outlets, eCom, product development, healthcare, manufacturing and logistics and transportation.
Drop in an enquiry to understand how our 132 products in the three buckets of offerings can help you start your journey with us!

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